Longstreet's Corps is one of the oldest umbrella organizations of reenactors in the Eastern Theater. We encompass all branches of service including artillery, cavalry, infantry, and naval organizations.

Longstreet's Corps accepts only established military organizations as members.New and probationary units are voted upon only at the annual meeting. The following steps need to be accomplished to petition for membership:

1. Make contact with the Corps Chief of Staff who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

2. Submit a letter of intent to join Longstreet's Corps, no later than December 31, so as to be added to the following years meeting agenda. Send your letter to the Corps Chief of Staff.

3. Have an existing member unit (preferrably of your branch) sponsor your membership.

4. Submit a copy of your organizations bylaws and a complete member roster.

5. Send a representative to the annual meeting.

Once you have been accepted as probationary members you will have the opportunity to attend events with the Corps. During this time, we encourage you to introduce yourselves to as many Corps members as possible and get to know us.

Probationary units are responsible to pay dues and their share of the liability insurance policy.

At the next annual meeting, probationary units can either choose not to join, be voted an additional probationary period, or be accepted as full members.

Units which desire to join the Corps during the period between annual meetings must complete the following:
    a. Have a full member unit sponsor them for membership.
    b. Send a letter of intent to the Corps adjutant stating their desire to become a member, a description of their unit, a copy of their unit bylaws, and a roster.
    c. If accepted as probationary members provide proof of insurance or pay for Corps insurance and pay Corps dues.

The Corps Adjutant will consult with the sponsoring unit and notify the membership of the application. After 30 days from notification the adjutant may recommend to the Corps Commander that the unit be accepted as a probationary member. The adjutant will notify the unit of the commanders decision. If after being accepted as a probationary member the unit attends at least 3 Corps events they may be considered for full membership in accordance with Section 2 above at the next annual Corps meeting.

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