Longstreet's Corps Staff

General Terry Shelton

Corps Commander

Email:  Terry.Shelton@longstreetscorps.com


Colonel Will Perkinson

Chief of Staff

Email:  Will.Perkinson@longstreetscorps.com

Colonel Tom Truitt

Chief of Cavalry

Email:  dismountcav@aol.com


General J.W. Douglass

Chief of Artillery

Email: dmaisondubois@hotmail.com


Lt. Colonel Eric Powell

Inspector General

Email: majorpowellaag@gmail.com


Lt. Colonel Nick Syropoulos

Ordnance / Safety

Email: nick.syropoulos51@gmail.com


Sgt Mike Broom

Ordnance Sergeant

Email: ord.sgt.mike@gmail.com


Lt. Colonel Terry Allamong

Aide de Camp

Email: 2creeks@htcnet.org


Major Josh Austin


Email: josh.austin@longstreetscorps.com


Major David Bishop

Provost Marshal

Email: David.Bishop@longstreetscorps.com


2nd Lt David Hamblin

Assistant Provost Marshal

Email: va28fan@aol.com


Lt. Cynthia DiCarlo

Color Sgt.

Email: cynthiadicarlo@hotmail.com


Stinky Vannoy

Corps Advisor

Email: stinky_van@yahoo.com


Captain Trish Wyatt

Head Nurse

Email: pw8536@gmail.com


Sergant Mark Chipps

Staff - Bugler

Email: cmytfine715@aol.com


Major Dave Conner

Chief Surgeon

Email: daveconner1861@gmail.com


Chaplain Scott Sturdivant

Corps Chaplain

Email: lttaser@comcast.net


Sgt Major Jimmy Fowler

Sgt Major

Email: jfowler1862@gmail.com


Captain Ken Snyder


Email:  ltcol.kws.22ndnc@verizon.net


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